Open Source

Source code can be downloaded from here or from Nowise Systems on GitHub.


Nowise Systems is the maintainer for a couple of open source projects. Some of these was started while working at Uppsala University (BMC-IT) and thoose has been migrated here to keep them available in the future.


Micro framework and libraries for PHP


Centralized Logon Accounting


Fast Object and Array encoding/decoding


Batch Job Queue Manager

Batchelor is a batch queue manager allows jobs with long run times to be submitted to the web server and scheduled for later execution by its batch queue. Think of it as an hosting service for standalone program, making them available for use over the web.

VLC/VLM library

C++ class library for the VLC/VLM (VideoLan Manager) API.

This is a lightweight C++ frontend library for the VLC/VLM (VideoLan Manager) API. The goal was to create a robust and simple to use library for desktop streaming, even though its not limited to that specific task.

Base 64 coding

Base64 encoding and decoding library for Java

This Java™ library implements Base64 encoding and decoding. It was written because I couldn't find anything like it in the JDK except for an internal class in com.sun.*, and using classes from this package is totally unsupported by Sun.

An ini-file parser

C/C++ library for parsing ini-files with syntax validator

This file format is commonly used by many application, among them Samba and MySQL. The parsing can be customized by calling inifile_set_option(). Each entry in the file is retrieved as an triple with current section, the keyword and an optional value.

Yet another logtail

Replacement for the logtail utility distributed in the logcheck package

Print log file lines that has not been read since last run. This is a replacement (using compatible format) for the logtail utility distributed in the logcheck package. This logtail is implemented in the C-language to be used on system where perl(1) for some reason is not wanted or can't be installed.

Windows driver installer

NDIS miniport driver installer

Command line installer application capable of installing NDIS Miniport drivers (like the BSD IP Firewall [IPFW32]) on Windows XP or later. Uses the InetCfg API thru COM and requires the DDK (device driver kit) for compilation.

Program watcher

Runaway process monitor

This application scans the table of running processes, killing those that has exceeds a given CPU-time limit or has gone for lunch. Filtering of processes is optionally done on command name, matching absolute or fuzzy.