UUP-SITE - Web site/application rendering.

Screenshot of uup-site welcome page using default theme

This package takes a object oriented approach at building web sites/applications by separating page layout from content. It contains the tools and features making it suitable option for building large scale web sites, web applications or an web service API.


The easiest way to getting started is to download the uup-site.sh script and bootstrap/setup a new instance in current working directory:

wget https://nowise.se/oss/uup-site.sh
uup-site.sh --bootstrap
uup-site.sh --setup
Download Usage

Visiting the public directory created by the commands above using your favorite browser should greet you with this getting started page:

Screenshot of getting started pages created by uup-site.sh


Great efforts have been put in making this library resource efficient and flexible: Once executed by the web server, a typical request allocates approximate 500kB and finish in ~1ms (less resources needed -> more clients served)!


Use uup-site.sh to only install those dependencies you need. Work with classes (controllers) or just publish HTML fragments. Page context (i.e. menus) can be defined in config, file system or programatically.


The default theme installed is fully responsive so your web content will look good on browsers, tablets or mobiles. Use auth="[false|true]" CSS attribute to show/hide content based on logon status.


Here are some features. See the usage section for more information.

Real world examples

Some sites that are built using uup-site: