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UUP-SITE - Usage

It's recommended to use the script to perform most tasks. The script can be used from local directory or downloaded to a shared location:

cd /usr/local/bin
wget --help - Setup and management tool.

Usage: --bootstrap [composer-options] --setup [--auth] [--edit] [--locale] [--guide] [--examples] --config <options> --develop --migrate <dir>|<file>...

  --bootstrap : Bootstrap new instance using composer.
  --setup     : Setup site, tools and theme(s).
  --auth      : Install authentication plugin.
  --edit      : Install online edit plugin.
  --locale    : Install support for gettext translation.
  --guide     : Install end-user content publisher guide.
  --examples  : Install examples in public.
  --config    : Run configuration script (batch).
  --develop   : Setup develop mode.
  --migrate   : Migrate existing site (expert).
  --verbose   : Be verbose about executed commands.

  # Generate composer.json and install requirements (see --bootstrap --help) --bootstrap

  # Setup for virtual host --setup --auth --edit --guide

  # Setup for web application --setup --auth

  # Setup for location /myapp --location /myapp --setup --auth

  1. The --location or --verbose options must be used before any other option.

Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Nowise Systems and Uppsala University (Anders Lövgren, BMC-IT)